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Good Cop Bad Cop (Bombers and Traitors)

Good Cop Bad Cop (Bombers and Traitors)


Party game | 4-8 players |
10 - 20 min playing time | Age: 12+


  • Description

    Take a look around the table to figure out if your fellow cops are honest or crooked -- and whether that aligns with you. Grab a gun so you can take down the opposing leader, but be quick, 'cause there aren't enough guns for everyone!


    Use your investigation and deduction skills to sniff out your enemies. Or if that's not your style, just grab a gun and start shooting and hopefully you'll hit your targets.

  • Our Two Cents...

    If you enjoy: Bluffing, investigating

    Similar games: Bang!

    Popular with: Groups of friends, families with older kids


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